Redefine Supply Chain Visibility

Supplytics enables companies to get 360degree control over their supply chain. We do this by enabling companies with end to end product traceability & establishing engagement with their supply chain partners

Brands we work with:

Brands we work with

Modern Supply Chain operations need constant monitoring, assessment & updates to check complexities of opaque & fragmented distribution channels. The consumer preferences are fast changing and it becomes essential to adapt quickly to them. Traditional business processes are manual, unconnected and time consuming. Buoyant on the idea of enterprises with digital and connected business processes having an obvious edge, Supplytics aims at providing businesses the much-required speed, flexibility & visibility.

Present Supply Chains are Unconnected

Rich information is lost at every node, leading to decision making paralysis







Inventory Visibility


Key Issues at Each Level

Partners in Success

Our solutions experts help you access & customize Supplytics and achieve the expected KPIs from product traceability

Custom Built SaaS

Easy to use, highly robust & scalable software solution perfectly suited for your business needs. Plug & Play capabilities aligned with the best UI & UX functionalities.

End to end implementation assistance

Fast end to end implementation with zero operational disruption. Dedicated on-site & off-site training sessions to ensure minimum resistance & fast adaptation.

Partners in Success

Our operational methodologies are designed with the desired objective being the focal point. This helps us deliver and communicate success in a time bound manner.

Supplytics Data Analytics Tools: Your Data Powerhouse

Getting meaningful & actionable insights from scattered data points & sources is a tedious process. Harnessing the power of automated business processes, Supplytics with its Intelligent BI Analytics Dashboards lets you take actions based on reliable & real time information.

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